RFP 2018 – 16th annual conference of the French Phonology Network / Réseau Français de Phonologie

From Francesc Torres-Tamarit (e-mail: francescjosep.torres@gmail.com)

RFP 2018 – 16th annual conference of the French Phonology Network / Réseau Français de Phonologie

The French Phonology Network (Réseau français de phonologie) is launching a call for papers for its 2018 annual conference (http://www.sfl.cnrs.fr/rfp-2018). The 2018 edition will take place from 27th to 29th of June in Paris (at the Centre CNRS Pouchet / Université Paris 8, France) and will be organized by the Laboratory Structures Formelles du Langage (SFL, UMR 7023 / Université Paris 8).

The keynote speakers will be

– Mirjam Ernestus, Professor in psycholinguistics (Université Radboud de Nimègue)
– Gillian Gallagher, Associate professor in linguistics (Université de New York)
– Nancy Kula, Professor of linguistics (Université d’Essex)
– Mary Paster, Associate professor in linguistics and cognitive science (Pomona College, California)

Main session

Submissions from any school or theoretical framework of phonology are welcome. Topics of interest may relate to phonology in general or in specific language, in synchronic or in diachronic dimensions. Issues focusing on phonology and its interfaces, descriptive and formal phonology, experimental phonology and phonological modeling are awaited.

Thematic sessions

This year’s conference, we especially encourage submissions focusing on the two following topics:
Workshop 1 – The Phonology of the Lesser-Known Languages and of Endangered Languages. Documentary and Theoretical Approaches
Workshop 2 – Acquisition of the Lesser-Known Languages

Abstract submission and review

Abstracts can be written in either French or English. Abstracts should not exceed two pages in length (A4 pages, TimesNewRoman or similar, size 11, single-spaced), including references, tables and figures. Please send your abstract in .pdf format to the Easychair system at the following URL: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=rfp2018. Specify whether you want your abstract to be considered only for a talk in the main session or in one of the two thematic sessions.
All abstracts will be reviewed by at least two referees.

Important dates

Call for papers: December 2017
Deadline for submission: March 2nd 2018
Notification of acceptance: April 30th 2018
Conference: June 27th-29th 2018

Location of the conference

The conference will take in the CNRS Pouchet in Paris (voir carte dans informations pratiques).

Scientific committee

J.-P. Angoujard (U. de Nantes, PR) B. Laks (U. Paris 10, PR)
X. Barillot (U. de Nice, MCF) N. Lampitelli (U. de Tours, MCF)
J.-M. Beltzung (U. de Nantes, MCF) J.-L. Léonard (U. Paris 4, PR)
S. Bendjaballah (U. de Nantes, DR) J. Lowenstamm (U. Paris 7, PR)
G. Bergounioux (U. d’Orléans, PR) X. Luo (U. d’Orléans, Post-doc)
J. Brandao de Carvalho (U. Paris 8, PR) N. Nguyen (U. d’Aix-Marseille, PR)
J. Bucci (U. de Grenoble Alpes, Post-doc) R. Noske (U. Lille 3, MCF)
E. Caratini (U. de Poitiers, MCF) D. Passino (U. de Nice, PR)
C. Dos Santos (U. de Tours, MCF) C. Patin (U. Lille 3, MCF)
J. Dufour (U. de Strasbourg, MCF) A. Rialland (U. Paris 3, DR)
J. Durand (U. Toulouse 2, PR) O. Rizzolo (U. de Nice, MCF))
R. Fathi (U. de Nantes, Post-doc) M. Russo (U. Lyon 3, PR)
N. Faust (U. Paris 8, MCF) T. Scheer (U. de Nice, DR)
S. Ferré (U. de Tours, MCF) Ph. Ségéral (U. Paris 7, MCF)
J.-M. Fournier (U. de Tours, PR) A. Tifrit (U. de Nantes, MCF)
D. Le Gac (U. de Rouen, MCF) F. Torres-Tamarit (U. Paris 8, CR)
S. Herment (U. d’Aix-Marseille, PR) N. Trapateau (U. de Nice, MCF)
M. D’Imperio (U. d’Aix-Marseille, PR) S. Ulfsbjorninn (U. Lyon 3, Post-doc)
H. Jacobs (U. Radboud (NL), PR) N. Vallée (U. de Grenoble Alpes, CR)
A. Jatteau (U. de Lille, ATER) S. Wauquier (U. Paris 8, PR)
L. Labrune (U. Bordeaux 3, PR) N. Yamaguchi (U. Paris 3, MCF)
M. Lahrouchi (U. Paris 8, CR)  

Organizing committee

– Noam Faust (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)
– Michela Russo (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)
– Francesc Torres-Tamarit (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)
– Sophie Wauquier (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)

Advisory board

– Joaquim Brandao de Carvalho (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)
– Alex Cristia (LSCP / ENS Paris)
– Mohamed Lahrouchi (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)
– Giorgio Magri (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)
– Rachid Ridouane (LPP, UMR 7018)
– Naomi Yamaguchi (LPP, UMR 7018)
– Lolke van de Velde (ASLAN/ DDL UMR 5596, CNRS)


– Laetitia de Almeida (ASLAN / DDL UMR 5596, CNRS)
– Adèle Jatteau (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)
– Benjamin Storme (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)
– Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (SFL UMR 7023 CNRS)

Practical informations

Contact: rfp2018@cnrs.fr


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