Completed a sample survey, JSON validation in progress

At this point, Emma and I have established a few milestones for me to accomplish over the next few weeks. The first priority this week was to create a sample survey based on a short MTurk questionnaire (, generate a JSON file from the survey object, and check that the outputted JSON agrees with the schema. My example survey does not have any branching yet; I will start implemented that as soon as I determine that everything else functions properly. While creating the survey, I ran into a few bugs in my survey objects, mainly that adding options to one question would somehow add then to all subsequent questions. Although I fixed this by making an option list a required argument when creating a question, I’m not entirely sure why it was happening.  I had some difficulty validating the outputted JSON against the schema, due to a few syntax errors in the schema which I have since resolved (and the fact that I was pulling from the wrong branch). At this point, it appears that the outputted JSON from the example survey is valid, and the next step is to make sure it produces the correct HTML and that everything looks and functions properly. Emma sent me a few HTML tests, and I’ve been copying in the JSON for my example survey to try to verify that it works with the HTML. So far, I haven’t been able to make it work.

For next Friday, the goal is to have the branching implemented, as well as some tests for blocking and branching; basically, I should have a first pass at a Python survey library done. I’m not sure how much I’ll get done over the weekend, since I’ll be away, but hopefully if I can look at the HTML stuff today, I’ll be in good shape to get the required things done for next week.

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