I don’t have much lab work to recount. Over the last two weeks, I repeated the oryzalin experiment, twice. I described the results of rep number 1 here. Reps number 2 and 3 behaved, at least by eye. I mean, the seeds grew well in the germination plate, there was no problem transferring them to the experimental plate, and the imaging looks good. But I haven’t had time to measure. Measuring will tell me how reproducible the kinetics are, and will establish the timing for the next experiment.

I also did a considerable amount of computer work on the Siamese project. In fact, all of that cutting-and-pasting in Excel explains why I didn’t have time to measure the oryzalin experiment. I have been keeping my fingers busy crunching the Siamese story on and off since last October. I have not written about Siamese here because it is a little boring to describe software operations. I temporized by thinking – ok, I’ll wait until the last datum is crunched and then write. Well, over the last two weeks, the fat datum sang. Great voice too. With the project all laid out, I realize that to write it up here would take … many words: A wee scientific journal article. I think I’ll pass. Stick to recounting adventures with doofuses and other enjoyable bits of labware. Next time!

Painting by Harold Newton, of Florida.