(This page is set to use the “Video” microformat.  This removes the sidebar, providing max viewing area.  That was with a different theme.  Not all themes provide formats)

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Testing WP 4.1, (initially, with Farben theme—but who knows now)


From Vimeo using Toolbar button

Dinosaur Song, from Christian Robinson (default max width & height is 400 x 300)


Be a Vegetarian, from Glossy Rey (width & height specified as 640 x 360)

From Vimeo simply pasting URL inline

Be a Vegetarian/Rig Video, from Glossy Rey (no size control this way)

Audio Using URL from Media Library

Video Using URL from Media Library & Quicktime Button

[video src="http://blogs.umass.edu/turre/files/2015/01/VintageRex_Okapi_Vimeo.mp4" /]

Video hosted on Apps at UMass (Google) Drive – Insert Media > Insert from URL

Just makes a link, not embedded (because it is not on safelist and besides, it is not just a file, it’s a page with the video wrapped in a player?).


From Apps at UMass Drive (URL part from iframe embed code)

(no go because docs.google.com/a/umass.edu is not on safe list for oEmbed)

MP4 Video uploaded into Media Library

No embed, just a link :(


MP3 Audio uploaded to Blog Media Library and inserted with “Add Media” button

Video Embedded from Flickr using toolbar button


Video embedded using Toolbar Button

Set max height at 720p

Trying to use video tag, but WP strips out source tag

And embed shortcode just makes a link :(


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