What does it mean?

When the state tells your school department they are coming in for their annual review in April, and then give two weeks notice that they have all of a sudden changed their mind and they are actually coming for their annual review at the end of January…what does this mean?

What does it mean when some teachers are always given support while others are always ignored?

What does it mean when those teachers who were constantly supported are now receiving letters from the superintendent stating that they are considered to be high quality teachers and those letters are being submitted into their personal files?

What does it mean while other teachers who are repeatedly ignored and dismissed, no matter what they do, are left in the dust?

What does it mean when it is no longer about the kids, even though “they” say it is, but it is only about how the students scored on a test?

What does it mean when you are expected to do the work of 3 professionals and your job changes every year, but “they” are wondering why your scores have not gone up?

What does it mean when it seems like school districts, schools, teachers, and students are set up for failure by the state and country that are supposed to be their supporters?

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