Activities for Homework

I just switched classes for the second quarter and am starting with new groups of students. With time being short in the classroom to try and complete everything that I have to get accomplished and everything I want to accomplish, I have decided to try assigning an activity for students to complete for homework. It is important to me, as a general science teacher, to have my students realize that “thinking like a scientist” and the scientific process comes naturally to them. For the first week and a half that I have them, students will complete different parts of the scientific process as their homework assignment, with the exception of making their data table, which will be made in class prior to conducting their experiment at home. Students come up with their own testable question they wish to investigate for this process. By doing this, it allows students to take ownership over an activity, touches upon material I do not have much time to go over in class, and hopefully it may even get some families involved in their child’s homework.

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