Principle Investigator


Yubing Sun, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Adjunct, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Member, Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program

Member, Models to Medicine Center & Center for Personalized Health Monitoring, IALS


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ph.D.  Department of Mechanical Engineering (2010-2015)

University of Science and Technology of China

B.S. Department of Materials Science and Engineering (2006-2010)

Graduate Student

Feiyu Yang, PhD candidate (2017-)

B.S. Beijing University of Technology

M.S. University of Florida

feiyuyang AT

Jamar Hawkins, PhD pre-candidate (2018-)

B.S. UMass Amherst

jamarhawkins AT

Narciso Pavon

B.S. Florida International University

npavon AT

Han Jiang

M.S. Boston University

hanj AT

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Lauren Brown

Connor Glynn

LMBM Alumni

Tianfa Xie (Ph.D student), 2016-2021

Current Position: Research Scientist, ScienCell Research Laboratories

Sarah St. Pierre (Research Assistant), 2019-2020
Current position: Ph.D. student, Standford
Yizhuo (E.J.) Chen (ChE Undergraduate Student, Class of 2020), 2019-2020
Current position: Pfizer
Sabin Dhamala (BMB Undergraduate Student, Class of 2020), 2019-2020
Current position: Dental student, University of Penn
Raya Husami (BMB Undergraduate Student, Class of 2020), 2019-2020
Subiksha Parthasarathy (BME Undergraduate Student), 2018-2019
Benjamin Fang (Amherst High student), 2019 – 2020
Leonard Zhong (MIE Undergraduate student, honor thesis), 2018-2019
Current Position: Graduate student, Georgia Institute of Technology.
Ningwei Li (Postdoctoral Fellow), 2017-2019
Current Position: Colgate.
Nariman Banaei (Ph.D. student) 2017-2019
Nader Hamzavizarghani (Postdoctoral Fellow), 2016-2017
Peiran Zhu (Master Student): 2016-2018
Current Position: Ph.D. student, Westlake University
Xiaofei Song (visiting scholar): 2017-2018
Sophia Fang (Amherst High), 2016-2017
Current Position: Undergraduate student, MIT.

Denise Buciuman-Coman (ChE Undergraduate Student, Class of 2018), 2016-2018

Elizabeth Humble (ChE Undergraduate Student, Class of 2017), 2016 – 2017

Current Position: Assistant Scientist, Bristol-Meyers-Squib
Gene Munnis (MIE Undergraduate Student), 2017
Priyanka Ghosh (ChE Undergraduate Student): 2017-2018
Current Position: Technician, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Isaac Fitts-Sprague (MIE Undergraduate Student), 2017-2018
Current Position: Co-op, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Sid Virpura (ChE Undergraduate Student): 2017-2018

Andrew Sheu (ChE Undergraduate Student): 2017-2018

Jacob Hancock (MIE Undergraduate Student), 2017-2018

Maci Russell (ChE Undergraduate Student): 2017-2018

Sewit Fiseha (MIE Undergraduate Student), 2017-2018

Rachel Poskanzer (BMB undergraduate student), 2018-2019