New Recursion Grant: Tom Roeper and Joonkoo Park (Psychology)

Tom Roeper and Joonkoo Park (Psychology Professor) have received a  $12,000 Seed grant, beginning Sept 1,  from the Developmental Science Initiative (Center for Research on Families) on:

Recursion as an Underlying Mechanism for children’s acquisition of language and mathematics

The grant was developed with assistance from Jaieun Kim, Rong Yin, Michael Wilson, andDiego Lopez (Pyschology Doctoral Candidate) and it will continue acquisition research on connections between different sorts of Self-embedding recurison (PP, Poss, Relative clause, compounds) and the emergence of knowledge of the Successor Principle.  Preliminary evidencesuggests all of these abilities emerge around 5-7yrs.  We will focus on whether they are linked in individuals. The topic is a large one and we hope this Seed Grant will lead to a larger more comprehensive one.

Anyone interested in the grant and/or participating, should let us know!

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