This Exhibit has been presented by the College of Natural Sciences Women in Science Initiative, (WISI) which focuses on increasing the success of women scientists at all stages of their academic careers. WISI offers special programs and events, and connects women scientists through campus organizations and community outreach, and provides helpful off-campus resources for women scientists.

Co-Curators of the Women in Science Exhibit:

Martha Baker, CNS Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

Jane Markarian, CNS Special Projects and Outreach Manager

Ann Robinson, Doctoral Candidate, History Department

Exhibit Consultant:

Kate Doyle, Natural History Collections Manager, Department of Biology


Students from Martha Baker’s Fall 2015 “Women in Science” course

Laura Lovett, Professor of History

Craig T Martin, Professor of Chemistry and Department Head

Stephen Schneider, Professor of Astronomy and Department Head

Ruthanne Paradise, Lecturer in Chemistry and Director of Analytical & Physical Laboratories

Tom Whelan, Lecturer in Chemistry and Director of General Chemistry Laboratories

Bill Schmitt, Physical-Analytical Labs Technician

Website assistance:

Daniel Cannity, Instructional Media Lab Consultant, Academic Computing, UMass IT

Poster art:

Megan Lee, Artist

CNS Women in Science Initiative:

Sally Powers, CNS Associate Dean for Faculty & Research

Nilanjana Dasgupta, Director of Faculty Equity and Inclusion

Wendy Varner, Director of Faculty Development Programs