ATLAS recipes

Request and set up an account on NET3

Information about the Northeast Tier 3 center is available at

To request a new account do as follows:

  1. Ask your supervisor to be invited to join the Slack workspace, see
  2. You will receive an email from Slack asking you to “Join Now”, click on that link to create a Slack account.
  3. Generate a public SSH key following
  4. Post your public SSH key on the accounts channel in Slack and request an account, see this example. You should suggest a username (see login in the picture) and also request the zsh Unix shell (not shown in the picture).
  5. Once your SSH key is installed on NET3 you can log in with ssh -Y
  6. For ease of use of NET3, you may want to install the x2goclient which allows you to create a remote desktop, see

Once you are able to login to NET3, you need to set up your account to work on ATLAS. Follow these steps:

  1. Copy a basic zsh setup file to have access to ATLAS software:
    cp ~willocq/example.zshrc ~/.zshrc
  2. If you want to run vanilla ROOT, type:
    lsetup root
  3. To run root, type:

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