ATLAS recipes

MadGraph + Pythia for multijet event generation

Here is basic information on how to generate multijet events with MadGraph + Pythia at the Northeast Tier 3 center.

Initial setup

  • Create a directory for event generation:
    mkdir -p evgen/MG5
  • Copy job options files and run script:
    cd evgen/MG5
    cp ~willocq/evgen/MG5/MC15.33344*.py .
    cp ~willocq/evgen/MG5/ .

To run

  • Do the following in each new terminal session:
    cd evgen/MG5
    asetup AtlasProduction,,here
  • Create a new subdirectory for each run and execute run script (e.g. for pp > 4b):
    mkdir 4b-test
    cp 4b-test/.
    cd 4b-test

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