Children of the Moon

The W. E. B. Du Bois Memorial Center for Pan-Africa Culture  Accra, GHANA – Cantonments, House No. 22 First Circular Road

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The Centre houses a research library and gallery of manuscripts, as well as the grave of this famous African-American scholar and his wife, Professor Shirley Graham Du Bois, formerly a faculty member in our Department.

Declared a National Monument by the Government of Ghana where the remains of the man, Du Bois and the ashes of his wife, Shirley, rest in a peace – enshrined, that their memory will live among men and women in this generation and beyond.

A special plaque mounted on a concrete contrivance welcomes the visitor with two inscriptions from the Du Bois poem “Children of the Moon.

I am dead
Yet Somehow, Somewhere,
In Time’s weird contraction,
May tell of that dread deed, wherewith
I brought to children of the Moon
Freedom and vast salvation.

I rose upon the mountain of the moon
I feel the blazing glory of the sun,
I heard the song of children crying
I saw the face of Freedom

And I died

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