PVMS 2020

Relive PVMS 2020 by visiting our photos!

Here are some highlights of PVMS 2020:

Mrinalini Ghoshal and Liv Dedon, Best Posters

Charles Bridges, Best Talk

PVMS poster presenters pack the halls at UMass Amehrst

PVMS 2020 Organizing Committee

Keynote Dr. Peter Chien

Keynote Dr. John Gibbons

Keynote Dr. Wendy Mok


PVMS 2019


PVMS Organizer Srishti Kashyap with the winners of Best Poster (Korin Albert) and Best Talk (Elisa Bello)


PVMS 2019 Awards: custom-made microscopes!


Keynote Speaker Sarah Hird explains The Avian Microbiome: Past, Present and Future


Keynote Speaker Mandy Mueller engages the audience after her talk, Manipulation of RNA stability: a cornerstone of the viral-host battle


Keynote Speaker Marco Keiluweit discusses Spatial Variations in Microbial Processes Controlling Carbon Oxidation Rates in Soils




PVMS 2019 Poster Session


PVMS 2019 Organizers Emily Melzer and Srishti Kashyap


PVMS 2016


IMG_0739Welcome to the Pioneer Valley Microbiology Symposium 2016!


Ju and Gina working hard during registrationIMG_0181


Smiling faces of Valley Microbes


Dr. Steven Sandler starting out event off right!

  image_1 image

Kamal Joshi talking about protease adaptors and cell cycle regulation


Iron chelating activity explained by Ms Emily Roy


Erin Amato isolated a novel spirochete from compost


IMG_0749  IMG_0752

IMG_0757     image_1




Leschine Lab, SMILE!


Caroline Keroack and Kalani Williams of Smith College standing with their winning poster!


The Sela Lab with their man Troy Hinkley (Center) who won the Best Talk prize!


The Original Valley Microbes


IMG_0743  IMG_3013

Are you a Valley Microbe?