PVMS 2022 Pictures!!

We apologize for the delay in getting these pictures to you! Please follow the link to a drive folder containing all pictures from PVMS 2022. Thank you, once again, for you support and attendance! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MZ7dHHx1Oa6gBCqioc1GJhdsq6f-2FOx?usp=sharing

Links for PVMS 2022!

Vote for your favorite Talk and Poster here:https://forms.gle/YXnCxj8MwK1iavXJ8 You can find the PVMS 2022 Program here: https://blogs.umass.edu/valleymicrobes/files/2022/02/Full-Program-2022-PVMS.docx.pdf You can find the PVMS 2022 Abstract Book here: https://blogs.umass.edu/valleymicrobes/files/2022/02/Abstract-Book-2022-PVMS.docx.pdf