Countdown to PVMS 2019!

We’re a month away from PVMS 2019!

The PVMS organizing committee is busy crafting an exciting schedule filled with exciting microbiology research from all over the Pioneer Valley. We’re days away from announcing the schedule!


While you wait, here is some exciting work from our keynote speakers!


Dr. Mandy Muller (UMass Amherst) studies viruses and how they affect host cell behavior.

You won’t want to miss her recent research showing how nuclease escape elements can protect RNA from cleavage by viruses.


Dr. Sarah Hird (UConn) studies the evolution and ecology of host-associated microbiota.

Read her recent review arguing that evolutionary biology needs wild microbiomes.



Dr. Marco Keiluweit (UMass Amherst) studies the microbial biogeochemistry of soils.

Check out his work studying how pockets of anaerobic conditions in soils can lead to carbon stabilization, and what microbes have to do with it.


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