The Student Experience

Recent graduates say:

“I began studying geography because of my interest in helping with environmental problems … The true value of having a diploma in geography is its versatility, in the past geographers were restricted mostly to teaching positions or as cartographers, but nowadays the possibilities are almost limitless.” – Gregory Hanson (Class of 2010)

Becoming a geographer is a life changing experience. It allows one to look at the world in which we live in a completely different way. I changed my major and my university to become a geography major at UMass, and the experience I have had has been amazing. I have learned to look at cities, capitalism, and my own environment in a different manner. I am able to recognize the underlying forces on a location and describe how the forces impacted it.” – Jessica Brooks (Class of 2010)

“I chose to take a minor in Geography at UMass because I feel it is an excellent supplement to my major in Anthropology. Especially for the social sciences, studying how human beings interact with their environment is essential to building a base of knowledge from which cultural analysis of place and people can be derived. Studying geography has given me a spatial understanding of human society through which I can better describe the origins and facets of culture and lifestyle.” – Tyler Fogg (Class of 2009)

“In investigating the relationship between humans and their interaction with the environment, geography crosses nearly every academic discipline. This allowed me to think broadly about ideas and expand my research into other disciplines I may not have interacted with otherwise.” – Mike Judge (Class of 2009)

“I chose geography because becoming a geographer is more important now than ever before. With jobs becoming increasingly difficult to find, the great wealth of knowledge held by geographers is something sought after by many major corporations and government agencies. Geographers are involved in land use planning, resource development, and population projection. Major issues such as global warming, overcrowded cities, the current economic crisis, natural disasters, and managing the world’s resources are all issues dealt with by geographers in a variety of environments.” – Brad Renius (Class of 2009)