Human Geography Concentration

The Human Geography Concentration

Human Geography is a broad concentration for students interested in exploring the breadth of human geography.  It also provides the greatest flexibility for students interested in geography as a second major.

Students in the program gain valuable research and career skills in ethnographic fieldwork, landscape analysis, cartography, statistical analysis, remote sensing, and Geographic Information Science.

Human geographers pursue rewarding careers in education, business, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

For detailed requirements, please see Geography BA Concentration Tables2

Human Geography Concentration Requirements

Geography BA – Human Geography ConcentrationCredits
Introductory Courses ( 2 Courses)8

GEOGRAPH 102 Diversity, Globalization, and Sustainability: Introduction to Human Geography

Take ONE introductory physical geography course from the following:

GEOGRAPH 100 Earth: Introduction to Physical Geography –OR-
GEOGRAPH 110 Global Environmental Change –OR-
GEOGRAPH 150 The Earth Transformed: World Environmental Issues

Skills & Techniques (4 Courses)


GEOGRAPH 314 Writing in Geography (required; fulfills Junior Year Writing)
GEOGRAPH 486 Field Methods in Geography (required; fulfills integrative experience requirement)

Take ONE Statistics course from the following:

GEOGRAPH 340 Quantitative Methods -OR-
STATISTC 240 Intro to Statistics –OR-
RES-ECON 212 Intro to Statistics for Social Science –OR-
SOCIOLOGY 212 Elementary Statistics

Take ONE spatial methods class from the following:

GEOGRAPH 352 Computer Mapping -OR-
GEOGRAPH 426 Introduction to Remote Sensing -OR-
GEOGRAPH 468 Introduction to GIS/GEOGRAPH 597G Introduction to GIS

Upper-Division Elective Courses (7 Courses)21
Students take 21 credits in Geography/cognate courses numbered 200 and above. These courses are chosen in consultation with the chief undergraduate adviser. Up to two courses may be approved cognate courses. Students may choose electives from the methods and skills courses (see list above) which they have not used to fulfill those requirements, may use any other GEOGRAPH courses, and may also take cognate elective courses outside of the Geography Program with the approval of the undergraduate advisor. Up to 3 credits may be independent study and an additional 3 credits may be senior thesis credits.