Recent MS Theses & Degrees

MS Degrees in Geography since 2000 (most recent first)

Name: Advisor Year Thesis Title (hyperlinks connect to theses when available)
Ye, Changjiang Yu 2013 Modeling the production and transport of dissolved organic carbon from heterogeneous landscape
Brooks, Jessica Gaubatz 2013 Dr. John Snow and the Nineteenth Century Cholera Epidemics: the resulting effects on
society, knowledge of disease, and methods of spatial data mapping
Travis, Kristin Yu 2012 The Eye of Storm: Examining Sea Level Rise’s Impact on Wetlands and Storm Surge in Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, Massachusetts
Gasco, Jared Gaubatz 2011 Promoting and Assessing Sustainable Urban Practices Through the Use of Planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (non-thesis project)
Miller, Ethan Vogel 2011 Rethinking Economy for Regional Development: Ontology, Performativity and Enabling Frameworks for Participatory Vision and Action
Santiago-Ramirez, Melishia Margulis 2010 Growth of chromidia-forming vahlkampfiid amoebae from Laguna Figueroa, Baja California del Norte, Mexico and Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, U.S.A. under limited oxygen gas conditions
Legrid, John Gaubatz 2010 From New Netherland to New York: European Geopolitics and the transformation of social and political space in colonial New York City
Sherpa, Mingma Norbu Stevens 2010 Non-Thesis Degree
Stewart, Caitlin Francis 2009
Documenting the history of oxygen depletion in Lake St. Croix, Minnesota, using chironomidae remains in the sedimentary record
Wheeler, Bradford Wilkie 2009 Non-thesis Degree
Kelley, Colleen Wilkie 2009 Non-thesis Degree
Michaud, Kristen Gaubatz 2008 Japanese American internment centers on United States Indian reservations: a geographic approach to the relocation centers in Arizona, 1942-1945
Lemmons, Kelly Gaubatz 2008 Salt Lake City’s urban growth and Kennecott Utah Copper: a geographical analysis of urban expansion onto a previously proposed Superfund site adjacent to the world’s largest copper mine
Randzio, Kassia Stevens 2008
The Wild Sky Wilderness proposal: politics, process, and participation in wilderness designation
Urrutia, Rocio Vuille 2008 Assessment of 21st century climate change projections in tropical South America and the tropical Andes
Lally, Michael Wilkie 2008 Non-thesis Degree
Ames, Blair Wilkie 2008 Non-thesis Degree
Thibeault, Jeanne McCoy 2007 Spatial patterns of oxygen-18, deuterium, and deuterium excess in precipitation over lowland Europe
Johnson, Alicia Hafner 2007 Non-thesis Degree
Corr, Fitzhugh Platt 2006 The Little Miami River : a case study of an urbanizing watershed
Krchak, Amanda Platt 2006 The northern forest of Maine : developing comprehensive forestland conservation strategies
Korby, Walker Wilkie 2006 Non-thesis Degree
Gray, Meredith Wilkie 2006 Non-thesis Degree
Sluter, Don Wilkie 2006 Non-thesis Degree
Corr, Kathleen Kavarra Wilkie 2006 Non-thesis Degree
Bonin, Jennifer Wilkie 2006 Non-thesis Degree
White, Ted Graham 2005 Non-thesis Degree
Kehrwald, Natalie McCoy 2004 Investigating the Use of Oxygen-Isotope Variations in Land-Snail Shells in European Loess as a Paleoclimate Record
Sievert, Laurin Platt 2004 The Milwaukee River Basin : a case study of urban watershed management
Roy, Bonnie Platt 2004
Perception of hazard and its relation to emergency management planning : a study of the towns of Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties, Massachusetts
Tetrault, Heather Stevens 2004 The environmental impacts of Alaskan North Slope oil development and their implications for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and local native economies
Conz, Brian Stevens 2004 Continuity and contestation : conservation landscapes in Totonicapan, Guatemala
Marcus, Alan Wilkie 2004
The geography of ethnic and racial identities and complexities in Brazil
Ruel, Heather Platt 2004 Non-thesis Degree
Benak, Stephen Gaubatz 2003
Urban redevelopment and revitalization through non-profit community-based organizations : case studies
Stevens, Tom McCoy 2003 Aminostratigraphy of mid to late Pleistocene loess in middle Europe
Weieneth, Aaron Platt 2003 Influence of the public trust doctrine on the Boston waterfront
Roberson, George Wilkie 2003
Geographic perspectives on mobility, modernity and experience : the Fox diary
Brand, David Hafner 2003 Non-thesis Degree
Rogers, Joe McCoy 2003 Non-thesis Degree
Goss, Ed Wilkie 2003 Non-thesis Degree
Leuchtman, Henry Wilkie 2003 Non-thesis Degree
Brice, April Wilkie 2003 Non-thesis Degree
Muir, Scott Wilkie 2003 Non-thesis Degree
Steinlage, Josh Stevens 2002 Co-management of the Rakiura Titi Islands in Southern Aotearoa New Zealand
Gaffney, Chris Wilkie 2002
Soccer and the geographic construction of identity : a New England case study
Labonte, Dale Gaubatz 2001
A geography of aging in Massachusetts : senior housing, the continuing care retirement community, and assisted living in the Springfield area
Healy, Stephen Graham 2001 Colonialism and dimensionality : memory, hybridity and postcoloniality
Weil, Anasuya Graham 2001 Creating Buddhist economic subjects : the practice of dana in upper Burma
Olson, Karen Platt 2001 The legal filter and ecosystem management : an evaluation of the current framework in the Mill River Watershed (Hatfield)
Fitzgerald, Sean Wilkie 2001 Non-thesis Degree
McCready, Matthew Wilkie 2001 Non-thesis Degree
Tanner, Lori Gaubatz 2000 Settlement patterns and processes in a New England village : Montague Center, Massachusetts 1700
Baldwin, George Platt 2000 Land use planning for coastal storm mitigation on North Carolina’s barrier islands : compliance or complacency?
Gurung, Manaslu Stevens 2000 Women and development in the Third World : a case study from Ghandruk, Nepal
Sears, Colin Wilkie 2000 Potential effects of scenic and cultural byway programs on rural tourism destinations : a case study of southern Berkshire
Horvath, Gregory Graham 2000 Non-thesis Degree
Baker, Mark Wilkie 2000 Non-thesis Degree