Geography Graduates: Where are they now?

Alexandra (Rosie) Rinaldi ’19
Concentration: Environmental Geography and Sustainability
Roles: Earned a master’s degree in Climate Science and Policy from Columbia University. Worked in in environmental education but will be attending Haub School of Law this fall to pursue a J.D. I hope to work towards implementing equitable climate policies and increasing social resilience to climate change.

“As someone who enjoys both the social and natural sciences, I appreciated the interdisciplinary nature of geography. It allowed me to study natural resource management through a philosophical lens, which ultimately inspired me to go into law”

Daniel Riecker ’17
Concentration: Environmental Geography
Current role: Student Activities Coordinator at the Miami University Dolibois European Center, Differdange, Luxembourg. I support students coming to study abroad in Luxembourg and create programming to help them discover the local and regional culture.
Previous roles: research assistant and co-contributor on French-language publications about higher ed in the US; middle and high school English teacher in France; program assistant on a summer study abroad program in Paris

“Studying Geography at UMass introduced me to a new way of understanding cultures, places and landscapes. It’s a unique skill set that has been essential in my work in International Education. Whether I’m planning an excursion to another country or simply leading a group on a walk through the woods, I can draw on my knowledge to help students contextualize what they are experiencing.”

Thomas Sandberg ’17
Concentration: Human Geography
Current role: Law enforcement officer

Morgan Coles ’15
Concentration: Environmental Geography and Sustainability
Current role: Lead, Global Product Commercialization at
“UMass Geography played a huge role in my professional success today.   It prepared me by helping me understand how to be organized, efficient, curious, and confident and translate those skills into the real world.”

Amanda Nims ’01
Concentration: Land use and conservation
Current Role: Land protection specialist. For the State of Colorado, I manage Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s two statewide private landowner land conservation programs

“I love that geography allows one to study any topic in the world under the lens of place.  My UMass geography professors were fantastic, supportive, and they allowed me to devise multiple independent studies to answer my many questions about how to save land.  I was able to explore physical, cultural, political, historical, and spiritual geography, and this helped me develop a dynamic career that is both personally and professionally rewarding.”