Geography Graduates: Where are they now?

These maps were made using alumni data from 1970 to 2010 for all people earning undergraduate degrees (both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science) in geography at UMass Amherst.**

Geography Graduates (BA & BS), 1970-2010, by State

The majority of graduates stayed in the state of Massachusetts, with California being the next most popular destination.

Geography Graduates (BA & BS), 1970-2010, living in New England

Even though 53% of graduates stay in Massachusetts and 63% stay in New England, 80% of UMass students are state residents.  This suggests that more geography graduates leave than stay in their home state.

Geography Graduates (BA & BS), 1970-2010, by Occupation & Gender

While not all alumni submitted occupational information, those who did were categorized into eight groupings. From farmers to pilots, town planners to C.E.O.s, UMass geography graduates work in many fields across the country.  Many graduates, of both genders, go into management or administration.

Geography Graduates (BA & BS), by Gender (grouped by decade)

Two thirds of all UMass geography graduates since 1970 are men.  But the gender gap is closing. During the 1970s, only 24% of geography graduates were women.  By the first decade of the 21st century, 43% of geography graduates were women.  This reflects national trends in the field of geography.  The Association of American Geographers reported in 2009 that 43% of its members who have earned a Bachelor’s degree (but not yet a Master’s or PhD) in Geography are women.

**Maps and analysis prepared by students in Geosciences 314 – Writing in Geography, Spring 2011