Events are planned from Friday the 14th of July through Sunday the 16th. We will have a welcome reception Friday evening, events throughout the day Saturday, and a dinner Saturday evening, with an open mic that will allow for remote participation (we hope to have dancing, which you will also be able to participate in remotely, but not in a synchronized way, due to the laws of physics). The celebration will finish at 1:30 Sunday at the end of lunch.

Friday welcome

We will be welcoming those of you who have arrived by Friday afternoon at 4-6 pm in the Linguistics Department, on the 4th floor of the Integrative Learning Center. If you will be here earlier, and would like to connect with others who are here, say to have dinner together, please leave a comment on this linked page.

Saturday full day

The events from 9-5 will be taking place on the first floor of the Integrative Learning Center, in the portion of the building closest to the Campus Center. Presentations will be in N151, a large auditorium-style room. There is a lot of outdoor space with tables right outside. The events starting at 5 will take place on the 10th floor of the Campus Center in the Amherst room.

9 am Light breakfast and gathering (ILC Atrium)

10 – 11 Building UMass Linguistics (organized by Don Freeman and Barbara Partee, moderated by Joe Pater)
Panelists: Don Freeman, Lyn Frazier, Kyle Johnson, Barbara Partee and Tom Roeper

11 – 11:45 An inter-generational collaboration on presupposition accommodation
Alex Göbel, Muffy Siegel and Florian Schwarz

Lunch 11:45 – 1:30 (Blue Wall in Campus Center; meal cards provided)

1:30 – 2:30 Computation and linguistic theory at UMass Amherst (organized by Gaja Jarosz and Joe Pater)
Other panelists: Michael Becker, Rajesh Bhatt, Brian Dillon, Lisa Green, Brendan O’Connor and Kristine Yu

2:30 – 3:15  Linguistics and the law
Janet Randall and Larry Solan

3:15 – 3:45 Break (ILC Atrium)

3:45  – 4:30 South College Tribute (organized by Anne-Michelle Tessier).

5 Cocktail hour and poster session (List of posters available here)

6:30 Dinner and open mic

Sunday picnic

We will have a picnic in the grassy quad beside the ILC and the Campus Center from 11-2. We’ll have salads and drinks, and will also have dining cards if you want to get something else from Harvest in the Campus Center.