1974 Institute

From Barbara Partee’s history of UMass Linguistics to 1999

The photos below are from Lauri Kartunnen, who shared them on his Facebook page. The Institute program is held by the UMass Library Archives.

Terry Parsons, Barbara Partee and Emmon Bach
Mighty Morris
Killer Keyser
“Lauri Karttunen with daughter Suvi. Thanks to my mother for my Marimekko shirt and Suvi’s Marimekko dress. She kept us in fashion.” (Kartunnen on FB)
Sally Thomason, with Mike Rochemont in the background on the left. According to Barbara Partee, Mike and Nikki Keach were probably the best dancers the department ever had.
Bob Stalnaker, Rich Thomason and Sally Thomason
Larry Horn with his dog Ité

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