Sep. 29/2017 Meeting minutes

INFORMS Student Chapter Meeting, UMass Amherst

29 September 2017
Meeting started at 5:00 p.m.

Officers present:
Deniz Besik, President
Vijeta Deshpande, Vice President
Rodrigo Mercado, Treasurer
Sayeeda Ayaz, Secretary I
Aikaterini Deliali, Secretary II
Mojtaba Salarpour, Communication Director
Franklyn Kanyako, Webmaster
Amro El-Adle, Outreach Coordinator
Emre Eryigit, Event Coordinator
Officers absent:

  1. We talked about updating our chapter website on a regular basis. We planned for posting events and also meeting minutes on our web page. But Franklyn mentioned that we have a limited storage space so it may not be possible to post everything. Deniz brought up the idea of buying some additional space.
  1. We discussed three upcoming talks that would be given by three guest speakers. The first one will be given by Dr. Renata Konrad on October 13. Deniz is working on the poster for this talk. Deniz mentions that the speaker is interested in chatting with female students.

The second talk will be given by Prof. Shannon Roberts on October 27. We need to prepare a poster for her, Vijeta would work on it.
We discussed booking rooms for the talks.

  1. Tune-up for INFORMS annual meeting: Scheduled on October 20. We have 6 people signed up for it.
  1. Posting of upcoming talk on October 13: Sayeeda will be responsible for posting at UMass event page. Katerina will be responsible for posting at Isenberg School of Management page, we plan to post on the TV,s at ISC.
  1. youtube links of talks: We discussed creating youtube links of the talks. We need to confirm that the talks are recorded. Mojtaba would contact with TSS for this.
  1. Question for the Speaker: We plan to prepare some questions for the speaker beforehand; this session should be around 5-15 minutes.
  1. Chapter funds: We have two accounts: 1. Fee: GSS gives us some money and 2. Revenue: UMass gives us money that rolls over to next year. Deniz mentioned about some mismatch that happened in our accounts in the past.
  1. Food for the Talk: Rodrigo would apply for the SASP card next week.
  1. Pumpkin carving: We discussed doing Pumpkin carving.
  1. Workshop on Python: Tentative schedule is November 7. A student from CS dept. would run the workshop. Deniz has a friend from CS club who would help us organize it.

We also discussed inviting a Professor from CS to give a talk before the workshop. Optimization related talks were considered a relevant topic for us.

  1. Next meeting: We plan to meet next week again. Sayeeda would set up a link to get every one input to schedule the time.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm