Sep. 15/2020 Meeting Minutes

INFORMS Student Chapter Meeting, UMass Amherst

15 September 2020
Meeting started at 1:00 p.m.

Officers present:

Mojtaba Salarpour ,Wei Wei, Zhangchen Hu, Christian Hernandez , Paola Furlanetto, Sonza Singh, Jianmei Wu, Xinmeng Zhao


The officers had their first meeting for the academic year 2020-2021 after the invitation of the President, Mojtaba Salarpour, in order to discuss the Chapter’s activities for the new semester. The President welcomed everyone at the online meeting and presented the agenda. The officers performed the annual elections to determine their roles in the Chapter. The results are the following:

  1. Mojtaba Salarpour, President
  2. Wei Wei, Vice President
  3. Zhangchen Hu, Treasurer
  4. Christian Hernandez, Secretary
  5. Paola Furlanetto, Secretary
  6. Sonza Singh, UMASS Event Pages Manager
  7. Jianmei Wu, Treasurer Assistant
  8. Xinmeng Zhao, Interview Manager
  9. Haris Sipetas, Blog Manager

The officers also discussed and agreed on the following online activities for the Fall 2020 semester:

  1. INFORMS tune-up event
  2. Online lectures
  3. Happy hours

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm