Oct. 06/2017 Meeting minutes

INFORMS Student Chapter Meeting, UMass Amherst

06 October 2017
Meeting started at 4:30 p.m.

Officers present:
Deniz Besik, President
Vijeta Deshpande, Vice President
Sayeeda Ayaz, Secretary I
Aikaterini Deliali, Secretary II
Mojtaba Salarpour, Communication Director
Franklyn Kanyako, Webmaster
Amro El-Adle, Outreach Coordinator


  1. Updating the email list: Vijeta: MIE, Sayeeda: CE transportation, Deniz: SOM and other.
  2. Room reservation: ILC room N111 is reserved for next talk on October 27.
  3. Talk by CS Professor: Vijeta met Prof. Peter J Haas from CS department and found out Prof. Nagurney is already in contact with Prof. Haas regarding talk.
  4. Interview questions for the upcoming talk: 5 questions 3-minute duration each. Officers are expected to upload at least one question in a Google doc.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm