To become a member of the Chapter, please contact us using our information in the Contact page.

  1. Any persons interested in operations research and/or the management sciences may become a member of this Chapter by completing a membership application and submitting it with the proper dues. Membership in the national INFORMS organization (the Institute) is not required.

  2. The regular membership shall be open to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

  3. Honorary memberships shall be decided by a two-thirds approval vote of the regular memberships in attendance at any meeting.

  4. With the exception that elected officers must be members of INFORMS, all members have equal rights, duties and privileges. Annual chapter dues are normally payable at the beginning of each calendar year.

  5. Membership and participation shall be free from discrimination on any basis. At all times, the membership of the Chapter must include at least ten members of the Institute.