2023 INFORMS Annual Meeting Tune-Up

On October 6, 2023, with the INFORMS Annual Meeting just around the corner, we had a Tune-Up session where four of our student members had the opportunity to present their research and gain valuable feedback from their peers and faculty. Interestingly, this year’s INFORMS Annual Meeting will be the first for all the students who presented at our Tune-Up session this year.

Josh’s Presentation

The talks were quite varied, which made the session even more enjoyable. Semih focused on transportation and last-mile delivery, while Josh talked more about retailing; Sindhoora informed us of her impactful research on healthcare, and Dana talked of international trade.

Sindhoora’s Presentation

After the session, we posed for a picture with everyone present. Students were incredibly thankful to the faculty members who dedicated the time to attend the event and provided them with valuable feedback.

Afterward, we ended our session by interacting with the attendees over some delicious yet healthy refreshments.

Again, we are very thankful to all the students who volunteered to present at this Tune-Up event and to all students and, especially, faculty who attended the session and gave the presenters insightful tips on their presentations. Students will be presenting the same research topics, although, hopefully, much improved with the use of feedback they received at the Tune-Up Session, in this years INFORMS Annual Meeting.

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