UMass INFORMS Speaker Series: Dr. Tinglong Dai

On April 8, we welcomed our brilliant guest Dr. Tinglong Dai, Professor of Operations Management and Business Analytics at The Johns Hopkins University, for the third event of our Chapter’s Speaker Series this semester. Dr Dai gave an incredible presentation about the impact of introducing new airline routes in the U.S. on broader organ (especially, kidney) transplantation.

Considering the time-sensitive nature of organ transplantation process, it was very intriguing for our audience to hear how a more efficient airline transportation (ideally with direct flights) could make a difference for the patients involved in this process.

Thanks to his insightful work and our attentive audience members from various research backgrounds, we were also able to have a very inspiring discussion session which allowed us to see this important issue from different angles. Thank you so much Dr. Dai for sharing this amazing work with us!