UMass INFORMS Speaker Series: Dr. Ann Melissa Campbell

For this semester’s first Speaker Series event, our brilliant guest Dr. Ann Melissa Campbell, Executive Officer of the Department of Business Analytics at The University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, joined us to share her research. In this session, we had the chance to learn more about Capacitated Delivery Problem with Parking (CDPP) that she worked on with Dr. Barrett Thomas and Dr. Sara Reed. We once again thank Dr. Campbell for this very inspiring presentation.

After the talk, we enjoyed a great Q&A session where our audience members from various research fields joined the discussion and reminded us how inspiring and full of potential ORMS is. The implications of this research for different areas such as energy, health, and environment were discussed, and the possible impacts of smart city design and autonomous vehicles on this issue were brought up. We thank Dr. Campbell and everyone who joined us for this learning opportunity. If you missed this great talk, you can visit our YouTube channel to find the recording of the session!