Tune-up for INFORMS Annual Conference in Seattle, WA

Today, October 10th, our Student Chapter organized successfully the tune-up event for the INFORMS Annual Conference in Seattle, WA. Our presenters were 5 doctoral students of our University, currently serving as Officers of our chapter. The presented topics covered many different disciplines, such as disaster relief management, delivery systems based on drones, paratransit services, screening schedules for breast cancer and HIV transmission clusters. The audience participated vividly by asking questions and providing feedback to the presenters for improving their performance in the Conference.

Mojtaba opened the event with the presentation entitled: “An Integrated Financial and Logistical Game Theory Model for Humanitarian Organizations with Purchasing Costs, Multiple Freight Service Providers, and Budget, Capacity, and Demand Constraints”.

Haris presented his study on “Optimization of Paratransit Service with TNCs” which is developed for the Greater Boston area.

Zhangchen’s work was focused on drone deliveries and was entitled: “Revenue and Capacity Management for Drone-Based Delivery Services”.

Xinmeng presented her study on “Identifying Optimal Screening Schedules for Breast Cancer in Low-and-Middle-Income Countries: An application to Peru”.

Sonza’s work focuses on HIV transmission clusters and is entitled “An Agent Based Evolving Contact Network Model for Studying the Dynamics of HIV Transmission Clusters”.

Good luck to our presenters for their participation in the INFORMS Annual Conference in  Seattle (WA) this year!