End of Semester Party!

Today, 12/13/2018, our Student Chapter organized successfully the traditional “End of Semester Party” that was eagerly expected! Many students, as well as faculty members, joined us in an event that included a little bit of everything: friendly mood, relaxing talks and delicious food. As in every event we organize, of course, interesting research discussions and exchange of valuable ideas have been held among participants. Above all, though, we had the chance to make a recollection of the good moments of this semester and all the lessons that it has taught us.

Our menu included a wide variety of flavors, such as pizza, traditional Indian food and festive cookies!

Our President, Katerina, cut our delicious cake and wished everyone “Happy End of Semester!”

Our Advisor, Prof. Anna Nagurney, wrote warm wishes on the blackboard on behalf of UMass INFORMS Student Chapter.

Our Student Chapter would like to thank all those who joined our events and activities during Fall 2018 Semester and, thus, made our efforts matter. We hope to see you all again during Spring 2019! Until then, we wish you have a happy Winter Break!