Tune-up for INFORMS Annual Conference in Phoenix

As an annual tradition, our student chapter tuned up for the INFORMS Annual Conference in Phoenix, AR. Our presenters were 6 doctoral students of our university, all of which have served (or are currently serving) as our Chapter’s officers. The interaction between presenters and attendees was very vivid! The former received valuable feedback for their formal presentation in the Conference, whereas the latter had the chance to gain knowledge on very interesting optimization topics.

Deniz opened successfully the event with her presentation on complex food supply chain networks.

Vijeta presented his work on screening strategies for breast cancer using Peru as application area.

Pritha followed with her study on blood service organizations.

Zhangchen’s study was focused on unmanned aerial vehicles in delivery services.

Nazanin presented her work applied on HIV incidence.

Rodrigo performed the last presentation of the day in which he discussed about energy development using Mexico as application area.

We wish the best of luck to our presenters for their participation in the INFORMS Annual Conference!

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