UMass INFORMS End of Semester Party!

We had a terrific end of semester party yesterday, December 8th 2017. The company and the food were amazing! We also had a really good turnout. Thanks to our Treasurer Rodrigo and President Deniz for arranging the food. Our event coordinator Emre did a really good job on arranging the room as well.

Faculty and students came from Isenberg School Operations and Information Management, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Transportation Departments . We enjoyed chatting with our Chapter’s Advisor, Professor Anna Nagurney and Isenberg School OIM Department Chair Profesor Iqbal Agha. It was so nice to see Professor Senay Solak and Professor Ahmed Ghoneim from the Isenberg School OIM Department as well. We also enjoyed talking to Professor Hari Balasubramanian, Professor Erin Baker, Professor Ana Muriel from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. We were so happy to see Professor Peter Haas from the Computer Science Department, who is like a celebrity in our school now. Also, we can’t forget about Professor Ladimer Nagurney! It is always so nice to chat with him.

Here are some pictures to prove that we had a really fun time! This successful selfie was taken by Destenie. 

The following photo includes Vijeta (our VP), Rodrigo (our Treasurer), Destenie, Claire and Franklyn (our Webmaster).

Here is a great picture of our Chapter’s Advisor Professor Anna Nagurney and Isenberg School OIM Department Chair, Professor Iqbal Agha chatting with students.

We had a really fruitful 2017! Wish everyone a happy new year!