Tune-up for INFORMS Annual Conference in Houston

As an annual tradition, our student chapter tuned up for the INFORMS Annual Conference in Houston, TX. There were 5 doctoral students, including 3 of our officers, who presented their work and received feedback from the audience.

The first speaker was Rodrigo Mercado, who is our Treasurer, from MIE Department at UMass. He gave a talk on the renewable energy management in Mexico. Rodrigo had some fancy graphs!

Then, Deniz Besik, our president, from Operations and Information Management Department in Isenberg School gave her practice talk on capacity competition and outsourcing. The Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problem was very interesting!

Our third speaker was Pritha Dutta (former president), and she gave her talk on Game Theory and Blood Supply Chains.

Our last two speakers were Franklyn and Buyan, who gave their practice talk. Franklyn talked about deep uncertainty and energy modeling and Buyan talked about network models for the spread of diseases.


We are looking forward to our presentations at INFORMS Annual Conference! Plus, we are going to receive our Magna Cum Laude award. See you all in Houston!