UMass INFORMS Speaker Series: Talk by Dr. Shannon Roberts

We are keeping up the good work! On October 27, right after the Annual Conference in Houston, we hosted Dr. Shannon Roberts from our own MIE (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) department. The talk was titled as “Leveraging Social Influence and Social Networks To Improve Driving Safety”. It was a very interesting talk and the audience asked many questions at the end. Dr. Roberts focused on the ineteraction between driving behavior of teenagers and their safety. Don’t text and drive people! She used agent-based network modelling and simulation models. The discussion part was so interesting as well. The audience was very successful in asking good questions, which could generate new research opportunities in the future.

Here are some pictures from the talk!

We also had a really good turnout. Below is the picture of the speaker and the audience.

As a side note, the room that we held this talk was for team based learning. UMass is so good at team work. We are looking for our next event next week!