Welcome to Tigran Sedrakyan’s web-page

cropped-pic2.jpgI am a theoretical condensed matter physicist at the Physics Department, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  My contact information can be found here.

The main topic of my research interests is, from a broad point of view, the understanding of the effects of correlations in systems with a large number of particles. Collective phenomena and the effects of competing interactions may reveal themselves in the formation of entirely new exotic quantum states of matter. Some of these states support the fractionalization of excitations, emergence of gauge fields, and lead to unconventional quantum phase transitions that are beyond conventional description based on the breaking of symmetries. These are quantum spin-liquids, and topologically ordered states, that have been the subject of my research lately. Understanding of the physical manifestations of such states and requirements for their realization in experiments (quantum magnets, superconductors, cold atomic gases, microwave architectures, or non-equilibrium systems) is central to my research interests.

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