The Importance of Hijab in the Fashion World

Moving to a fashion world is not limited to age, gender, nationality, and religion. Muslims can also have a beautiful and fashionable style and work in the fashion world. Recently, fashion companies have shown that they tend to use hijab in their designs and designs. Many brands across the globe have been formed for this purpose. In the series of fashion articles and veil in Benita, we will introduce these brands. This time, we are going to give some brands that offer hijab collections on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

Since the fashion world began to work on veiling, it has been around for nearly two years and has become one of the emerging sectors in the fashion industry. Collections such as Hijab Delche and Gobanah Collection, Nike Brand Hijab Collection for athletes are examples of brands of wearing and Islamic clothing. Interestingly, the clients of these collections are not the only Muslim women, but women and girls of non-Muslims also use veil collections for their influence on the history of Muslim bloggers and the comfort they wear in dresses. Following this development, brands such as Mendoza, Zara, Tommy Hilfeiger, Delche Gabbana and other brands began to design and deliver a collection of clothing for the holy month of Ramadan. These suits include scarves, abaya, and maxi dresses.

In 2017, London was presented with a live show entitled “Muslim lifestyle, with the Modanisa brand, witnessing the first week of hijab fashion, and in the show, Halima Aden, one of the most famous models of the veil to display clothes. Dresses designed and manufactured for the holy month of Ramadan and participation in the Majlisi like feasts and feasts.

A lot of brands work in this area during Ramadan, and their focus is on the design of scarves and abaya. One of the brands that are slightly different and offers more versatile designs for the veil is the Diana Kotb brand, which in the next section of the fashion and hijab series will introduce this brand. The different designs of this brand distinguish it from other hijab international brands.

One of the most recent Ramadan
collections is one of the pioneers of the industry and one of the first brands
to combine fashion with veils, the brand Delchet and Gabbana. The brand has
also been using one of the Muslim bloggers to display these clothes.

Hijab history

to texts from some historical sources, in most nations and religions,
there has been a veil among women. Although history has gone through
many ups and downs and sometimes exacerbated or relieved by the rulers’
tastes, it has never been eliminated. Historians rarely mention
primitive relatives whose women did not have an appropriate cover or
appeared naked in the community. Scientists attribute the history of
wearing and wearing women to our era before and after the Stone Age, the
book The Woman in the Mirror of History, after a detailed plan of the
causes and historical factors of the hijab,
writes: Given the reasons mentioned and the study of works and The
motifs involved are the emergence of hijab before pre-religious periods.

cover of women in the course of history is a symbol of women’s position
in every culture and civilization. By studying history, we find that
women in the East have a more solid and complete cover than Western
women, which also indicates that the people’s view of women in a land
like Iran has been different from that of Western women. Coverage of
women in ancient Iran shows that Iranian women’s hijab, even before
Islam entered Iran, was a full hijab and unique in the ancient world.

Hijab in the Iranian-Turkish era

the Iranian-Turkish era, i.e., the regimes of the Ghaznavids, Seljuks,
and Khwarizmshahids, women used a tent and an armchair covering the
entire head. Usually, he hid his forehead, chin, and mouth, and the tape
was closed on this forehead and the forehead. The other type of cover
was about the same as the tent of the head and continued to cover the
shoulders and hide almost the whole body. These caps were mostly white,
green, and occasionally red.

hijab in the Safavid era

Sharon commented on the coverage of women in the Safavid era on his
travels: “The head of women is a white chest that reaches to the
shoulder, and a white tent that only points behind it, and fastens the
front of the face with cloth or lacing. At the same time, women wear
their heads and wear them over their chests. “In her travel report,
Eriaru states:” Women, when they leave the house, cover their faces with
a white towel, and their tent covers the whole body. And their eyes are
open. “

During the Safavid period, the hijab has been very important. Women did not leave home without hijab during this period.

7 Scientific Uses for Women’s Hijab

1 Hijab protects women from persecution (especially from men)

Men tend to entertain and
enjoy themselves by looking at the prominences and specific parts of women’s
bodies, and this can lead to the persecution of women. Also, keeping the hijab
will protect women from any harassment (especially from men), because their
body is worn by the veil.

2 Hijab reinforces purity
and chastity in women

The hijab reminds
themselves and others of the purity and chastity of Muslim women. Another
benefit of the veil is that it shows that women are protected against all evil
and temptations. Hence, they are usually clean and dangerous. However, the good
character of women also strengthens the authenticity of hijab.

Hijab Benefits 3: Hijab
acts as a symbol of commitment

Another benefit of the
veil is that it acts as a symbol of a woman’s commitment to a man. No one else
has the right to seek the pleasure of them, because they are solely affiliated
with their spouse. Also, the hijab can act as a symbol of commitment to God or
the religion of Islam.

4 Hijab makes others
focus only on female characters

Compliance with the hijab
means that women’s physical characteristics and beauty are covered; this causes
others to focus only on their personality. In this way, veiled women are proud
of not their physical features but their inner beauty.

Benefits of Hijab 5:
Decrease jealousy than others

Women are always exposed
to competitions, eyes, and eyes in the purchase and use of expensive clothes;
Hijab reduces the negative impact of these competitions on the eyes and eyes
and reduces the value and worth of other women. Also, all veiled women look
like each other, and they can not be judged by the price of their clothes.

6 Hijab improves women’s

As hijab improves purity
and chastity in women, it can also help improve their self-esteem. Women’s
self-esteem is measured according to how they are covered, while hijab
compliance means raising and maintaining female dignity. Compliance with the
veil is a way to increase women’s self-esteem, and the good personality of
women can also increase their self-esteem.

7 Hijab improves women’s

In addition to
maintaining the purity, the veil also protects women’s health and well-being.
Since the body of women is worn with hijab, it is protected against
contamination and other possible damage. According to a study, veiled women
lose 40-60 percent less heat than others. Hence, covering the head or observing
hijab in cold months can help maintain their health.

Effect of hijab on Physical Health

In addition to the effect of hijab on mental health, Hijab also plays a role in providing people with physical health. With the explanation that irregularity of the veil and the appropriate cover usually provokes the sexuality of the community, sexual stimulation in many cases ultimately leads to unlawful sexual relationships, and illicit sexual relationships also lead to dangerous illnesses such as AIDS, which are now dangerous. The most commonly reported illness is a human sacrifice and threatens to destroy the human race. Today, the number of people with serious diseases is increasing as a result of the spread of corruption and illicit sexual relations, which is one of the indisputable consequences.

At the Tehran International Medical Seminar, organized by
two dozen experts from sixty countries in the world, what is to be done in
response to one of the participants who needed to stay safe from STDs? Mrs. Dr.
m.od-uncan shouted, “obey the laws of Islam” while she was cursed.

Undoubtedly, including Islamic law, which is the aspect of preventing corruption caused by sexual immorality, there are rules for regulating the correct relationship between the Muharram and the non-Islamic, and one of the most important laws for establishing the proper relationship between the Muharram and the non-Islamic law of the hijab and covering law in the face of Is not the law.

The Effect of Hijab on the Formation and Consolidation of the Family Institution

Undoubtedly, the family of the center of love and hope and
research is the sweet aspirations of all young girls and boys; the young people
consider marital life as a fulfillment of many of their aspirations and dreams;
on the other hand, the family is the most important and fundamental social
institution of the human society, and its impact In other social institutions,
such as the institution of education and the institution of government and
politics, it is undeniable. Therefore, the stability and solidity of the social
institution of the family will also be useful in the firmness and solidity of
other institutions of society.

 There is no doubt that one of the essential factors in building a family in compliance with the hijab. Because of the veil is fully adhered to and the sex only affects the relationship of the woman and the husband in the family environment, the young will tend to form a family by marriage and the established families will also have more excellent stability and ultimately the most benefit and Women will benefit in their own right because, with the solidity of the family, women will enjoy the affection and affection of their wives, but if women’s wickedness, wickedness, and makeup become irritating in society, and as a result of relationships An unprovoked and illegitimate sex is possible outside of the family environment, the pot Not only young people would not get married to start a family, but the family also constantly shaken, will fall. Because men will be vulnerable to seeing unhappy and wicked women, they will become weak, and as a result, the warmth of the family will be cold, and the affection of the family will hate its place because the legal wife is competing and preventing new sexual relations. To come

Hijab in Christianity

In Christianity, women’s veils are considered obligatory. “If the purpose of hijab is to cover the body, it’s a common practice before Islam, and even before the advent of the religion of Christ, and its effects remain in Europe itself,” says Christian scholar Georgi Zidan. “Christianity not only did not change the Jewish religion’s rules on women’s hijab and continued its strict laws, but, in some cases, extended the step, and raised the need for hijab with greater emphasis, because in the Jewish Shari’a, Family and marriage were considered sacred, and even in Will Durant’s Civilization History, it was stated that “wedding at the age of 20 was compulsory, but from day to day When Christian celibacy, is considered sacred, no doubt will remain for the loss of stimulation and excitement, this school, women to observe complete coverage and avoid cosmetic, called for tighter. “

In this regard, we take a look at the “Gospel”: “… and also give women their clothing, which is not merely goldsmiths and pearls, but dressed in costumes, but not May women argue for religious rigor … ” (Gospel, Paul’s Epistle to Timonus, Second Bottom, Col. 9-15). We also read about women’s dignity and faith: “And so women must be dignified, not indifferent, but alert and in every respect » (Gospel, Prophet Paul the prophet to Timonus, the third volume, verse 11.)

Hijab in the Jewish religion

The propagation of hijab between women of the Jewish people is not something anyone can deny or doubt. Historians have not only spoken about the tradition of hijab among Jewish women, but also to their many extremists and rigors in this regard. In the Book of Hijab in Islam, “although the coverage was not customary in Arabic and Islam was created, it was most prevalent in non-Arab nations.”

In Iran, and among Jews and nations that followed the Jewish thought, the veil was far more severe than what Islam demanded. Among these nations, the faces  (faces and palms) were also covered. Even in some countries, it was not about wearing a woman’s look or a woman’s face, but a way of hiding a woman, making it a harsh habit.

In the Torah, the tent and burqa that women wear with their faces and faces are explicitly mentioned, which indicates the quality of women’s clothing.

Will Durant writes about hijab in Judaism: “If a woman were defying the Jewish law, for example, she would go to the public without a headscarf, or spoke in general, or spoke to anyone with men (non-husband) Or her voice was so loud that, as she spoke in her own house, her neighbors heard and the man was entitled to divorce her without paying a dowry. “

راهنمای خرید چاپگر با تجهیزات جانبی

امکانات جانبی پرینتر

پنج‌مین نکته‌ای که می بایست در خرید پرینتر به آن اعتنا کرد , تجهیزات جانبی پرینتر لیزری است که منجر تسهیل به کارگیری از آن در شغل های متعدد میگردد . تقریباً تمام چاپگرهای جوهرافشان , دارنده خصوصیت یکسانی میباشند , مثل یک سینی صفحه که میتواند نزدیک به 100 تا 150 ورقه ورقه را در خویش محافظت نماید , برخورداری از یک یاد برای ذخیره داده ها و امکاناتی از این قبیل که به طور کلی در تمام چاپگرها موجود هست .

ولی بعضا از سازندگان چاپگرها , در چاپگرهای خویش تجهیزات جانبی دیگری قرار می دهند تا سبب ارتقا عملکرد و سهولت به کار گیری از پرینتر شوند . مثل ارتقاء حجم جاگذاری ورقه که بتوان تعداد بیشتری ورقه را در آن قرار بخشید , که‌این دلیل در محیط‌های اداری نقش فراوان مهمی دارااست . یا این که قراردادن یک رابط بی‌سیم کانال ‌802 . 11b برای رابطه با کامپیوترهای دیگر . همینطور ارتقاء میزان خاطر پرینتر که منجر ارتقاء سرعت چاپ در تصاویر گرافیکی میگردد . همگی از ویژگی‌های پرینتری است که تلاش را ارتقاء می دهد .

چاپگرهای لیزری هم دارنده تجهیزات و ویژگی‌های جالبی برای به کارگیری در محیط‌های حرفه‌ای می باشند . مثل بضاعت و توان محافظت 200 تا 1500 برگه در سینی که منجر ارتقا سرعت چاپ و دوری از تأمین صفحه در زمان‌های کوتاه میشود .
بیشتر پرینتر رنگی لیزری , دست‌کم داری 8 مگابایت خاطر برای ذخیره داده ها است که شما می توانید برای ارتقا سعی , اندازه خاطر را تا حدود 4 تا 5 برابر ارتقاء دهید . ولی خوب تر است برای شغل های اداری پرینتر خویش را دست کم به 32 مگابایت یاد مجهز نمایید تا سرعت انتقال داده ها شما به دستگاه چاپ ارتقا پیدا نماید .

تنی چند از چاپگرهای لیزری به همراه خویش درایور هارد دیسک دارا هستند که به شما این قابلیت را می دهند که بتوانید فیلدها و عکس‌های فردی متبوع خویش را در آن ذخیره فرمایید و برای آن Password قرار دهید که هر فردی قابلیت و امکان دسترسی به آن را نداشته باشد .
تنی چند از چاپگرهای جوهرافشان که قابلیت و امکان چاپ عکس با توجه بالا را دارا هستند , دارنده تجهیزات جانبی جالبی مثل یک پورت USB مستقل برای اتصال سیستم به دوربین‌های دیجیتال , همینطور شکاف‌های خاطر برای اتصال به اشکال گوناگون یاد و چاپ تصویر را دارا‌هستند .
در‌این دستگاه چاپ برای سهولت کار یک صفحه نمایش LCD کوچک بر روی پرینتر قرار داده شده‌است که قبلی از چاپ عکس , می توانید عکس موردنظر خویش را درین LCD ببینید و آنگاه آن را برای چاپ بفرستید که‌این ادله منجر ارتقاء عملکرد شما می گردد و همینطور قابلیت چاپ عکس سوای رایانه همراه را به شما می دهد .

چاپگر لیزری رنگی

بعضا از اشخاص این تصور را دارا‌هستند که با خرید پرینتری لیزری و رنگی میتوانند به چاپ عکس بپردازند . این تصور تا به عبارتی حد که صحت دارد , خطا نیز است . آری میتوانید با پرینترهای لیزری رنگی عکس نیز چاپ فرمائید البته فراموش نکنید که پرینترهای لیزری برای چاپ عکس پباده سازی نشده‌اند . ممکن است این سوال برایتان پیش بیاید که پس برای چه امکان چاپ رنگی در پرینترهای لیزری درنظرگرفته شده است؟ پرینترهای رنگی و لیزری برای چاپ بروشور , کاتالوگ دربردارنده نوشته و انواع گرافیکی و عکس‌های محدود به کار میروند . با این پرینترها میتوانید عکسی همگی برگه به صورت رنگی چاپ نمائید ولی لطفا توقع این را نداشته باشید تا کیفیت چاپ نظیر کیفیت چاپ پرینترهای جوهرافشان باشد .

سرعت و کیفیت چاپ

پرینترهای لیزری معمولاً تمامی از وضوح ۶۰۰ dpi برای چاپ به کار گیری می نمایند و می‌توان ذکر کرد که‌این وضوح برای چاپ نوشته که وظیفه‌ی با اهمیت پرینترهای لیزری است کافی به لحاظ میرسد . با این وجود بسته به گونه فناوری چاپ دستگاه چاپ کیفیت چاپ می تواند متعدد باشد . ولی عمده‌ی پرینترهای لیزری کیفیت چاپ نیکی دارا هستند و مدل‌های کم‌کیفیت به‌تدریج یافت میگردد . مسئله‌ی دیگر سرعت چاپ است .

در آخر برای خرید اینترنتی سایت بست رویو یکی از بهترین سایت های موجود می باشد که شما می توانید به آن دست پیدا کنید . در این سایت راهنمای خرید محصولات متنوعی را در اختیار شما قرار داده است . در واقع در کمترین زمان مناسب ترین کالا را برای شما معرفی خواهند کرد .

راهنمای خرید پرینتر لیزری و لیست پر فروش ترین پرینترهای لیزری در ایران – سال ۹۷

چگونه اینترنتی هتل مورد نظر خود را با قیمت کم تر رزرو کنیم؟

برنامه ریزی برای سفر از بخش های مختلفی تشکیل می شود. اما، سخت ترین و البته مهم ترین بخش این برنامه ریزی مربوط به محل اقامت در طول سفر می باشد. علاوه بر پیدا کردن هتلی مناسب برای اقامت، هزینه های مربوط به اقامت در طول سفر اهمیت ویژه ای دارد. اما، آیا می شود به راحتی و بدون دغدغه در هر بازه زمانی و هر شهر دلخواه، هتل مدنظر خود را ارزان و با تخفیف های ویژه به صورت اینترنتی رزرو کنیم؟

از طریق سامانه رسمی رزرواسیون آنلاین هتل های ایران، که با نام هتل یار فعالیت می کند، بدون هیچ دغدغه ای، به راحتی و بدون تلف کردن وقت، می توانید از لیست کامل هتل های ایران نظیر  هتل های تهران، هتل های کیش، و سایر شهرها ایران در سامانه هتل یار، هتل دلخواه خود را ازران تر از همیشه و به صورت کاملا آنلاین رزرو کنید.


از دیگر ویژگی سامانه رزرواسیون هتل یار، می توان به نظرات هزاران کاربر و مسافران پیشین هتل ها اشاره کرد که امکان انتخاب هتلی شایسته تر را برای شما فراهم می کند. علاوه بر نظرات کاربران، نقد و بررسی هتل ها از نگاه مسافران، عکس ها و امکانات کامل تمام هتل ها ایران نیز به راحتی در دسترس شما می باشد.

پس از انتخاب هتل دلخواه، انواع اتاق ها و سوئیت های هتل و امکانات آن را برسی کنید. سپس در بازه زمانی مدنظرتان، اتاق دلخواه خود را به صورت کاملا آنلاین با تخفیف های ویژه رزرو کنید. در ضمن، از ویژگی های مهم رزرو هتل از طریق سامانه هتل یار، می توان به ارائه فاکتور رسمی، تخفیف های ویژه هتل یار و همچنین ارائه گارانتی برای رزرو هتل با ارزان ترین قیمت اشاره کرد.

برای رزرو اینترنتی هتل های ایران با ارزان ترین قیمت ممکن و ارائه بهترین امکانات از طریق هتل یار، سامانه رزرواسیون هتل های ایران، می توانید به نشانی اینترنتی مراجعه کنید و بهترین هتل های ایران را به صورت کاملا آنلاین و با قیمتی کم تر رزرو کنید.