Student FAQ

1. How do I purchase a Tk20 license?

You can purchase a Tk20 license online or at the University Bookstore. To purchase a license online, go to and click the “Click here to purchase or register your student account” link (below the login fields) and follow the prompts on the subsequent screens. Licenses purchased at the University Bookstore must be activated following this link as well.

2. Why do I have to purchase a license to use Tk20?

Because Tk20 is a commercial program, you must purchase a license to access the system.

3. How long will my Tk20 license last?

The longest Tk20 license available, and the one we recommend you purchase, lasts 7 years. During this time, you will have full access to the system and to the content you place there. You will also be able to reuse Tk20 if you chose to apply for additional education licenses, even outside of UMass. During this time, your data can also be transferred to other licensure management systems if you move to a different state that may use a different system.

4. Which Tk20 license should I purchase?

We recommend that students purchase a 7-year Tk20 license, which sells for around $100, since it provides the longest time of access for a relatively lower price.

5. What do I do if I purchased/registered for my Tk20 account online and I have not received my username/password.?

Normally, it takes 2-3 business days to receive your activation information. Please ensure the notification email did not go to your junk mail folder. Activations can be delayed for a variety of reasons; the most common are entering your ID#, email address, or credit card information incorrectly. If you have not received your activation email after 4 days, please email the UMass-Tk20 office.

6. What happens when my Tk20 license expires?

You will be notified by the company which administers Tk20 some time before your license expires, at which point you will have the option of renewing your license or allowing it to expire. Please note that if you choose the latter option, you will lose access to your data in the system (we recommend that you back it up to your computer).

7. I’m trying to upload a file to Tk20, but the system will not accept it, what can I do?

There are certain file types that Tk20 is not set up to accept. These include multimedia files, such as MP3s or video files. If you must upload one of these files, the best way to do so would be to place it within a ZIP file, a compressed “folder” that Tk20 can accept. For instructions on how to create ZIP files in Windows, see this Microsoft support article ( or if you are on a Mac, see:

8. My Tk20 account has surpassed the storage quota, what do I do?

Your Tk20 account should have 100 MB of storage space. Certain files such as multimedia files or excessively large images can take up this space quickly. If you find yourself unable to upload content to Tk20 because you account is over quota, try deleting a few files or artifact you do not need to free up some space. If you do not have any content you can delete, email the UMass Tk20 office for an increase in MB space.

9. What is the Field Experience Binder/Portfolio?

Your electronic Field Experience Binder (FEB)/Portfolio contains all the documents which will be used by your program to evaluate your performance in your pre-practicum and practicum.

10. What are artifacts?

Think of artifacts as folders where you place the files you will upload to Tk20. Every file you upload to Tk20, whether it’s an assignment or part of your binder, must be contained within the right kind of artifact. When you create an artifact, you MUST make sure that you create the type of artifact required in the assignment or binder item you are trying to fulfill, otherwise, your artifact will not be available for you to select when submitting work to a class or to your binder.

11. I created an artifact for my binder, but it does not show up as an option, what’s wrong?

Chances are you have created the wrong type of artifact; that is, you have not selected the exact artifact name from the drop-down list as indicated in your binder or portfolio. Return to your binder and look at the placeholder text for the title of the file you are trying to upload (e.g., “Attach CTEP Resume). Everything that appears after the word “Attach” (i.e., “CTEP Resume” in this case) indicates the type of artifact you must create in the Artifacts tab in Tk20.

12. How many files can I place in a single artifact?

There is no limit to the number of files you can place within a single artifact, other than your storage quota limitations in Tk20. Remember, however, that you must still create a single artifact for each assignment you are completing or for each item in your Field Experience Binder.

13. I submitted an Assignment in error, what should I do?

Once you click the “Submit” button on an assignment, the assignment is sent to your instructor for assessment. The assignment is then removed from your pending tasks list, and the attached Artifact cannot be further edited. If this occurs, please get in contact with the Educator Preparation Office as soon as possible.