Uploading MTEL Scores

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Some programs require you to upload your MTEL Scores to Tk20. This guide will show you where and how to do so.

Step 1: Click on the Applications tab. This will take you to a new screen

Step 2: Click the green Create New Application button

Step 3: Select the ELO MTEL Score Report from the dropdown menu. Then, click the green Next button

Step 4: Drag and drop your MTEL Score files into the gray boxes. Or click the green Select File buttons to add them to the Report manually. You can only add one file per box.

Step 5: Complete the Form. When finished, click the green Submit button in the bottom, right corner.

*Please Note: This form is locked after submission. You can save this document for later completion by clicking the Save and then Close buttons as well. However, there is a submission deadline for this form. If you fail to complete/submit the form before this deadline runs out, the system will auto-submit the form and you will be locked out from editing this form.