Faculty FAQ

1. What can Tk20 do for me?

Tk20 can be used to send out and collect course assignments and assessments, help your students build e-portfolios, and help you keep track of student work. Content in Tk20 courses is accessible online using any computer with a Web browser and an Internet connection.

2. What do I need to start using Tk20?

Faculty are given automatic access to Tk20 by the Field Experience and Assessment Office. If you did not receive your access information, call or email the Field Experience and Assessment Coordinator (see contact info). Once you have your account information, you can access Tk20 from any computer over the Internet.

3. Do I need to purchase a license to use Tk20?

No. All College of Education and other Faculty working with licensure students receive free access to Tk20.

4. How do I send out a course assignment?

Creating an assignment is actually a two-step process. You first have to create your assignment, and then send it out to the students in your courses. To create an assignment, go to the Courses section of Tk20 and on the menu at left, click Assignments, then click Send. The Send an Assignment wizard will open, follow the prompts to create and send out your assignment.

5. How do I assess my students’ coursework?

To review your students’ work, log in to Tk20 and under the Courses tab, then to see all of your assignments with grading pending, click Assignments (at left). To see the assignments for the students in a given course, enter the course name and then click the Activities tab. To grade the work of each student, click their name, and enter your scores or comments. When this done students will automatically see their scores. When available, assessment rubrics created for your students’ work will appear on the screen.

6. Where do I get help with Tk20?

UMass students, faculty, and staff can get help with Tk20 from the UMass Tk20 Team. Located in 223B Furcolo, you can contact us via email, phone, or in person during our office ours.

7. How do I schedule training for my students?

To schedule training for your students, email the Tk20 office. Trainings can be easily scheduled during our regular office hours. Requests for trainings outside of our advertised office hours will be evaluated on a per-case basis.

8. A course that I am teaching does not appear in “My Courses”, what do I do?

Contact the Tk20 team with the course and section number, and any other pertinent information, and we will update the system to be sure that the course is properly listed and you are listed as the instructor.

9. What do I do if all of my students are not appearing in my course?

The Tk20 system is updated on a regular basis and it may be that the student enrolled in the course after the last system update. If the student is not appearing in a few days (or after the next Tk20 update) please contact your Tk20 Unit Administrator.

10. How do I grant an extension in Tk20?

To grant an extension for an assignment: click on the Courses tab > Click on the course number > Activities sub tab > check the checkbox to the left of the assignment name > click the “grant extension” button > complete the fields and click the “Grant Extension” button. Optionally, you can click on the assignment name and grant extensions to specific students.

To grant an extension in the Field Experience Binder: Click the student’s binder adjacent to the student’s name > click the “Extensions” tab on the left of your screen > click “Grant Extension” choose date from electronic calendar and enter brief reason for extension > click “Grant Extension”.

11. How do I revoke an assignment?

One way to revoke an assignment is to click on the Courses tab > click the course number > Activities sub tab > check the checkbox to the left of the assignment name > click the “revoke” button. Optionally, you can click on the assignment name and revoke the assignment from specific students. Remember, revoking an assignment takes the assignment completely away from the student(s).

12. When creating an assignment template, the required assessment is not listed in the wizard, what do I do?

  • Save the template so that you do not lose your work.
  • Under the Libraries Sub-tab of the Courses Tab, Click on “assessment tools”
  • Find the assessment in the list
  • To view the assessment and verify that it is correct, click on its name
  • If it is what you are looking for, click in the box to its left, and then click “Make Available to Me” at the bottom of the page.
  • You may now return to the assignment template you were creating, and the assessment tool should be listed at the appropriate step in the wizard.
  • If the template is not listed in the library, or if changes to it are required, please contact the Tk20 support team.

13. The Tk20 team has created a template (assignment, exam, binder, etc.) for me. How can I access, edit and send it to students.

Importing Templates to your account:

  • Under the Libraries Sub-tab of the Courses Tab, Click on “Templates”
  • From the drop down menu at near the top of the page, select the template type
  • Find the template in the list
  • To view the template and any attached standards, click on the template name
  • To import a copy of the template to your account, click the box to its left, and then click “Copy to My Templates” at the bottom of the page.
  • A copy of the template (starting with “import of…”) will now be listed in the appropriate list under “My Templates”
  • You may now rename, edit and send to students using the four step editing wizard, by clicking on the template name. Changes made here will only affect the copy that has been imported to your account, but will not alter the original template in the public library.
  • You may reedit and reuse the template as often as you wish.
  • You may create multiple versions of a template by copying and renaming it.