1. What is Tk20?

Tk20 (Teaching kindergarten through grade 20) serves a variety of functions; it is an online portfolio (e-portfolio) system, a learning management tool, and a licensure assessment tool. It is used to host candidates’ licensure documents and to mediate course and licensure-related activities. Use of Tk20 is required of all educator licensure candidates at the Univerity of Massachusetts Amherst.

2. How do I access UMass-Tk20?

You can access UMass-Tk20 using a Web browser from any computer with an Internet connection. Go to https://umass.tk20.com and log in with your Tk20 username and password (provided after purchasing the account).

3. I forgot my Tk20 username, what do I do?

Tk20 usernames are usually composed of the first letter of your first name, part of or your entire last name, and a series of four digits, beginning with 0000. (Ex: John Smith = jsmith0000). If you still cannot remember you can use the “forgot username and password?” link on the Tk20 login page.

4. I forgot my Tk20 password, what do I do?

You can use the “forgot username and password?” link on the Tk20 login page and follow the prompts to reset your password. If this does not work, email the Tk20 office. Please include your full name and UMass ID number.

5. How do I change my Tk20 account password?

To change your Tk20 account password, log in to Tk20 with your current login information, then on the Home page, from the menu at left, click Preferences, then click Password. The Change Password screen will open and you will be able to enter your new password.

6. Where can I get help with Tk20?

UMass students, faculty, and staff can get help with Tk20 from the UMass Tk20 office located in 223B Furcolo. You can contact us via email, phone, or in person during our office hours.

7. What services does the Tk20 support team offer?

The Tk20 Team offers support for all aspects of the Tk20 system, including help with the course management system and scanning documents. Please feel free to email us, call, or stop by during our office hours.