Completing FEB Assessments

Various assessors (faculty, staff, program coordinators, cooperating teachers, etc.) complete assessments in Field Experience Binders for students after they have submitted their Field Experience Binders. To complete these assessments, follow these steps:

1) Log on to Tk20:
2) Click on the “Field Experience” tab.
3) Click “Assessments” on the left-hand side-bar.
4) Click on the name of the student whose assessment you wish to complete (if student names do not appear, see below).
5) On the left is the student’s binder, with materials the School of Education and program require. On the right is/are the assessment instrument(s) to be completed. Click on the name of the Assessment Tool you wish to complete.
6) When you have completed the form click “Save Draft” and do not click “Submit.” Only hit “Submit” when you have completed the form and are ready to submit it for review.

If student names do not appear under assessments, you may not have assessments to complete under the current term depending on the name of the binder.  If so:

1) Below “Field Experience Assessments” note the two tabs “Current Field Experience Assessments” and “Previous Field Experience Assessments.” Click on the “Previous Field Experience Assessments” tab.
2) Select the appropriate term from the drop down menu. Assessments will appear for that term.
3)  Follow steps 4-6 above.

If student names still do not appear, you may not be attached to the binder. Contact the Tk20 office.