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Next “Emerging Technology and Pie” Event: Podcasting

Our third “Emerging Technology and Pie” event of the semester will be Thursday, November 1st from 1:00 to 2:15 p.m. “Emerging Technology and Pie” is an interest group for faculty and instructors who are interested in learning about the latest technologies being used for learning and teaching. The topic for the next event will be “Podcasting.”

Read on for more information about Podcasting and this event.
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Classroom Radio: Podcasting Course Content

(from the May 2007 Emerging Technologies and Pie Presentation)
Audio Episode: Classroom Radio

A podcast is a series of audio or video files that the audience can subscribe to in order to receive, or be notified of, new episodes as soon as they are posted. The first part of the process involves posting digital audio or video files online, just as you would on a static Web page. The second part of the process involves creating an RSS “feed” that the audience can use to subscribe to the podcast. It is this second stage that differentiates a podcast from a collection of downloadable audio files.

Setting up a podcast the first time requires many steps, but once the structures in are in place, it becomes a simple process to add an episode. The hard part then becomes coming up with something to say on a regular basis. Before you post your first podcast episode, do some planning so you have a list of topics for future episodes and a clearly-defined process to ensure regular updates.

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