Monthly Archives: December 2007

2007 Numbers: Instructional Media Lab Consultations

So far this year the Instructional Media Lab have had 1,368 consultations with instructors across a variety of technology related topics. Our team of graduate students have assisted with an ever increasing range of topics and were particularly instrumental in helping instructors get started with the new SPARK system.

Our intrepid team of graduate student consultants:


Left to Right: Blair, J.C., Nick, Kate
Not shown: Alex

Remember that if you ever need assistance with using technology in your teaching you can contact the Instructional Media Lab at
545-2823 or to setup an appointment with one of our consultants. The Instructional Media Lab is located in A212 LGRC and is open 10-4 Monday-Friday.

2007 Numbers: Workshop Numbers

Academic Computing ran 77 workshops and events for instructors in 2007. Across these 77 workshops and events we had 651 “seats” filled. (We had a strong number of repeat attendees so 651 does not represent 651 “unique” instructors.)

Particularly popular were our new SPARK Community of Practice and Emerging Technology and Pie events which we hope to continue into 2008.

Check out our schedule for January to see the first workshops we’ll be offering in 2008:

2007 Numbers: Fall SPARK Numbers

The end of the year is upon us, so we take a few moments to reflect on the events and look at some of the numbers for what Academic Computing has done this past year.

This semester was the first non-pilot semester for SPARK, we had:
SPARK courses: 753
Instructors: 529
Departments: 80
Student Seats: 45,243

For comparison from last Fall 2006 with WebCT we had:
WebCT Courses: 566
Instructors: 469
Departments: 78
Student Seats: 39,237