Talking Truth is a growing community, initiated in fall 2015. Rooted in and complementary to many efforts going on for years at UMass, the project intentionally supports and builds on understanding of climate change disruption. Some key aims are to:

  • learn about climate change in the context of fostering a world that is socially transforming
  • explore options for taking action
  • connect our inner lives with the global challenge we face, to create meaning in our individual and collective experiences
  • deepen our understanding of the connections between how we relate to one another and how we relate to the planet
  • build community while recognizing the particularities of our lives in relation to climate change – situated and marked by power and privilege in very different ways

Talking Truth is co-sponsored by: Office of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning, UMass Amherst Libraries, Department of Environmental Conservation, Psychology of Peace and Violence Program, and Paperbark Literary Magazine.

Talking Truth is endorsed by the following UMass entities:  Center for Counseling and Psychological Health,  Climateers, Eco-Rep Program, Biostead Initiative, Contemplative Pedagogy Working Group, Spiritual Ecology and Regenerative Systems Initiative, and Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

We’re also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalkingTruthUMass/