Did you know? We are a node of Millennium Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere

Did you know? Talking Truth is a Node of the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere (MAHB). That means MAHB recognizes Talking Truth’s commitment to deeply shifting human behavior to foster environmental sustainability and the health of the ecosystem services upon which all life depends.  You can learn about the other 136 (and counting) Nodes here.

MAHB is a Stanford-based project that envisions a future that embodies two basic principles

  1. All forms of life are essential and interdependent.
  2.  Economic underpinnings, social norms, and individual behavior are all part of a single system operating within the bounded biosphere.

MAHB brings us together to develop a new type of intelligence called foresight intelligence.

Foresight intelligence is the ability to implement behavioral, institutional and cultural changes necessary for future generations to live peaceful productive lives.

Foresight intelligence, when met with the best of global civil society, can reduce interconnected complex problems*

So, what does this mean to us who gather at Talking Truth events?

Forging ourselves to be change leaders so we can protect the World we love. Even when it’s deeply troubling. But we do it together, breathing, creating, listening — to ourselves and one another.

Our final session of “Hearts in Action: Creative Responses to Climate Change” will be Mon. 11/27, 4-5pm in the Science and Engineering Library (3rd fl. conference room).

Then stay tuned to see opportunities to join us in spring 2018.

*These problems include: climate disruption, loss of biodiversity (and thus ecosystem services), land-use change and resulting degradation, global toxification, ocean acidification, decay of the epidemiological environment, an economic system based on growth, pressure from increasing population, and resource wars (which could go nuclear). The manifestation of these interactions is often referred to as “the human predicament.” With foresight intelligence, we can reduce the threats inherent in the human predicament.

Text adapted from https://mahb.stanford.edu/welcome/


Reference Services Librarian, W.E.B. Du Bois Library, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Liaision to Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and Hillel.

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