Exciting Upcoming Events 2/29/16 and 3/4/16

Talking Truth Spring 16 1st 2 events


Facing an Uncertain Future: Your Inner and Outer Skills

Monday 2/29 2:30-3:30 p.m. 

Led by Skills for Life, a local program emphasizing introspective and practical skills.

Experience a five-minute silent meditation Consider the current state of the world and express what you need in order to face an uncertain and challenging future Explore balancing practical “outer” projects (e.g. crafts, carpentry, and gardening) and reflective “inner” work (e.g. patience and self-knowledge) Discuss how to build community skills.



Activism and Mindfulness: Grounding Ourselves Within the Climate Crisis

Friday 3/4 12:30-2:00 p.m. Floor 26 , Du Bois Library

How do we stay grounded within ourselves as we face the truths of the planetary crisis? What are our inner resources for authentic hope while looking clear-eyed at current and looming devastating environmental issues? How can working for political and social change in community deepen our commitment to creating a more sustainable planet?

Consider coming to one or both.


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