Team Submarine Cassingle Recording this Wednesday

“Yes, you read right: Team Submarine is going to be doing a live taping next week at The Annoyance! We’ll be taping for our upcoming, yet-to-be-titled CD and Cassingle. We’re not even joking about this. We’re seriously going to release a cassingle. The Walkman is about to have a renaissance and we want to be on top of it. We also may do a limited run of the album on laser-disc. So please come and immortalize yourself as background noise on a compact disc.

The show is only $5 and it’s on a Wednesday. I mean, what else are you gonna do on a Wednesday? Play practical jokes on your younger brother? Alphabatize your magazines? Learn new swear words? Wikipedia your friends? Well that can all wait until Thursday, can’t it? It can! So please come out. Become a part of a very unimportant part of history. Also, the always-hilarious Jared Logan will be kicking things off.”

See the blog post on the Team Submarine Site.

Jordan Jesse Go! Live!

In short, Jordan Jesse Go! is a podcast about all things awesome.

Hosted by Jesse Thorn, America’s Radio Sweetheart, and Jordan Morris, Boy Detective- JJGo! hilariously hatches out the eccentricities of life. This popular weekly internet radio show is the sidecar project of Thorn’s The Sound of Young America hosted by Public Radio International.

JJGo! has most recently weighed in on the topics of sexy dreams, hip hop, the best zoo animal (the Bear), and the men of Los Angeles who wear shorts, sandals and party shirts to go out at night. Frequent guests on the show are rocker Andrew W.K, former Singled Out host-now scientist Chris Hardwick, and John Hodgman, author of “The Areas of My Expertise.” Favorite segments on the show include “Hang It Up/ Keep It Up,” “Would You Rather…” and “The Unveiling of Jesse’s Bunny Calendar or New Bunny Day.”

With their great humor and wit it is no surprise JJGo! has gained a following of thousands of listeners across the country. With help from the forums, JJGo! is a rotating conversation between the hosts and the audience. JJGo! has created a community of like-minded young Americans, “Max Fun-ers,” whose love for books, movies, music and comedy come together- even while on one’s commute to work. And, theres nothing quite like cracking up on a crowded orange line train, or doing a spit-take into your windshield on RT-128.

Aside from JJGo! Morris teaches improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles and works for FUEL TV’s the Daily Habit . Thorn is a lobbyist of the “New Sincerity” movement, the celebration of all that is fun and awesome simply because they are, and not for the irony. Think, your love for Crowded House and blazers with elbow patches.

The duo will be presenting a live version of their show Saturday night of the Comedy Jam to be broadcast for thousands over the internet.

To catch up on Jordan Jesse Go! visit or download the episodes directly from itunes! Its perfect for long car rides.