What’s SVP?

If you’re not sure what SVP is, maybe you’re in the right place! In 1985, six students from the drama department at UMass decided that the curriculum just wasn’t enough to satisfy their performance needs. They applied to the UMass Student Arts Council and…Eureka! Student Valley Productions was formed. Originially just a forum for letting off steam, Student Valley Productions eventually developed into a full-fledged comedy organization with all the lights and sounds that typically accompany such a thing. In 1990 the University recognized Student Valley Productions as a Registered Student Organization (or RSO) and changed its name to SVP. Over the years, different troupes have come and gone from SVP including: Beck’s Backroom Boys, Clothing Optional!, Liberal Island, Sketch Me if You Can, The Improverts, and Pain Dungeon. Today, SVP consists of Sketch22, IWA, and the award-winning Mission IMPROVable. Performances can be seen every Friday and Saturday at 8pm in Herter 231. If you ever wonder how we do it, don’t hesitate to come up to us after a show and speak unadressed. We don’t mind attention and we certainly don’t mind explaining things to people.


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