Team Submarine Cassingle Recording this Wednesday

“Yes, you read right: Team Submarine is going to be doing a live taping next week at The Annoyance! We’ll be taping for our upcoming, yet-to-be-titled CD and Cassingle. We’re not even joking about this. We’re seriously going to release a cassingle. The Walkman is about to have a renaissance and we want to be on top of it. We also may do a limited run of the album on laser-disc. So please come and immortalize yourself as background noise on a compact disc.

The show is only $5 and it’s on a Wednesday. I mean, what else are you gonna do on a Wednesday? Play practical jokes on your younger brother? Alphabatize your magazines? Learn new swear words? Wikipedia your friends? Well that can all wait until Thursday, can’t it? It can! So please come out. Become a part of a very unimportant part of history. Also, the always-hilarious Jared Logan will be kicking things off.”

See the blog post on the Team Submarine Site.