Meet the 2016-2017 UMass SMV Team!

2016-2017 Team Photo

UMass SMV revolves around teamwork. From developing the body and engines to cleaning the shop, we work together to obtain the best results. We’re lucky to have such a great group this year!

Back row, starting on the left: Tony Hua, Nate Dagenais, Miguel Novo, David Kubai, Dillon Miller, John Burns, Blake Croteau, Nathan Malast, Mike Pereira, and our professor/team adviser Robert Daniello.

Front row, starting on the left: Derek Wegener, Sam Bernardon, Kevin Moran, Micaela Morelli, Kenny Nguyen, and our graduate TA Evan Rakusin.

Missing from this picture: Justin Barnes, Xavier Pereira, Travis Marks, and Zack Mackechnie

Start of a New Year

As we are excited to start a new year for 2017’s Supermileage Competition, here are a few photos from the 2016 competition. In 2016, we achieved 463 mpg. This year, we plan to make major improvements to the vehicle in hopes to achieve our goal of 1500 mpg!

Beginning the Spring 2015 Semester for UMass SMV

We are glad to be getting off to a great start this semester with the super mileage vehicle.  Many of the design objectives from the fall are on their way to completion this semester.  We are excited to continue with projects such as the new rolling resistance tire testing machine in addition to working on adapting a new engine to our existing chassis.  The team has a great semester ahead of itself and June will be here before we know it!  Stay tuned for future updates and progress on the 2015 UMass Super Mileage Vehicle.